Coming Soon! eShakti Customizeable Clothing

12:38 AM Posted by Erin

Ever find that "off the rack" clothing doesn't work for you? Maybe you're short like me and have a hard time finding stores that stock petite length or your waist is smaller that your bum and you find you struggle with a gaping waistband just to get it to fit your rear. Whatever your body issues are, if you're a size 0-26, I am so excited to prepare to bring my readers a special giveaway from eShakti, a fabulous (and I mean REALLY fabulous) line of women's clothing that are fully customizable to suit your style. Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming review and giveaway and visit eShakti to get an idea of the gorgeous fashions we'll be bringing you.


  1. Shana said...

    Oh my this sounds wonderful. I will keep my eyes peeled for this!