Lelli Kelly Shoe Find at Marshalls

2:27 PM Posted by Erin

I've been drooling over the boutique brand Lelli Kelly for quite some time. They make some of the cutest, sparkliest, most colorful shoes for toddlers and kids. But their posh prices aren't exactly in my budget at upwards of $70 for a pair... Of kids shoes. I was able to price the above pair at Zappos for $79, so you can imagine the joy and disbelief I felt at finding three different styles of Lelli Kelly shoes, including the Dots pair above at Marshalls for almost half off at only $39. Availability does vary depending on location but if your lucky enough to find these shoes locally, I say stock up for spring!


  1. ~Sandy~ said...

    aaaahhhhh!!!! i almost jumped out of my seat Erin!!! wow i am going to check my local Marshalls on my lunch break :) thanks so much for the heads up!