National Grandparents Day: Yiayia

4:53 PM Posted by Erin

Most people I know have "issues" with their mother-in-laws, I am so fortunate to have my husband's mom Yiayia (Greek for Grandma). She is a lovely woman, always supportive, never insinuating. The daughter of Greek immigrants, Yiayia has raised four children and is the proud grandmother of ten intelligent grandchildren. My Rachel is number NINE!


  1. Shay said...

    Cute! Thanks for reminding me of grandparents day!!!

  2. kasandria said...

    Awww Great pic! It's nice not to argue with the in-laws isn't it? I got lucky there too.

  3. StacieinAtlanta said...

    Aww, great picture and I love the name Yiayia.