A Brush with the Law: TLC's Policewomen of Broward County

9:15 PM Posted by Erin

Ok, so I admit to being slightly vested in the Police Women of Broward County, TLC's newest docudrama, since I actually happen to live in Broward County and have for the past-- wow over 20 years... God how did I get this old?
But I digress, I swear they show the most scummiest, dirty, dilapidated parts of town and I promise you not every part is crack, drug dealing, prostitute infested... Actually we have many famous people living here--- it has some pretty ritzy neighborhoods and it's not the worst place ever. Try Las Olas if you're ever in town.
Anyhow, I've been watching the show and I am so lost--this is really my town? I recognize the street names but I have no idea where they are actually shooting, I think I must be sheltered which is a very good thing I suppose. The point of this is that we actually got to meet Ana Murillo one of the deputies at a the annual United Way of Broward County Holiday kickoff carnival part they hold every year at the Goodyear Blimp hanger in Pompano Beach and she was there. She was so cool and nice and actually sweet enough to stand next to my DH several minutes while I tried to get a photo for a few minutes but alas, his Blackberry would not cooperate so the only photo I got was this stalkerish one because my DH refused to ask her again less he seem to be the real stalker but no... I fully admit it is me.