Thanks, Hoity Toity Baby!

11:24 PM Posted by Erin

Thanks so much to Nicole, the designer of Hoity Toity Baby and writer of the new Hoity Toity Baby Blog where my daughter was one of two winners to receive her beautiful Boca dress giveaway for the month of July. She was so sweet and allowed me to choose any fabric the dress is made in. We went with the Apples & Pears print, as I've always loved that fabric and I absolutely adore this sweet little garment on my daughter. Her dress is so beautifully made and professionally finished. I just had to show her how adorable my girl looked in her lovely dress, so forgive me if I've gone overboard with the photos. Nicole currently has another ongoing giveaway for a cute little romper or onesie on her blog that ends 8/21 so be sure to enter!


  1. Arvida said...

    Love the photos & the dress! Your daughter is so precious!

  2. HoityToityBaby said...

    Fantastic photos! And the leggings are adorable with it! You are so very welcome!!!!!!

    Much love,

  3. ~Sandy~ said...

    cute outfit...even cuter model!