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Top Three Professional Hair Dryer Makers

When you want your hair to look its best, you need the best tools. A professional hair dryer is essential to giving your hair the body it needs to look full and healthy. You may think that a hair dryer is just a hair dryer. They can't be that different right? Wrong. A professional hair dryer like a CHI hair dryer, Elchim hair dryer or T3 hair dryer perform light years ahead of the cheap hair dryers you find at the drug store.

Here is a brief overview of some of the best professional hair dryers on the market:

CHI hair dryers

CHI Hair Dryers

CHI hair dryers are touted as some of the best hair dryers by many high-profile style and society magazines, including: People, US Weekly, ELLE, InStyle, Vogue, Allure, and many more. CHI hair dryers are the preferred choice for celebrities, politicians and other people in the public eye. One of the best CHI hair dryers is the Rocket Hair Dryer. It is lightweight, quiet and has a multitude of bells and whistles. It has 1800 watts of power, and weights only 1 pound! It has a low output of Electro Magnetic Frequency yet sends out thousands of negative ions to break down the moisture in your hair without damaging it. This cuts drying time almost in half. It also includes a pick and comb attachment and a nozzle for pinpoint concentration of the heat. This CHI hair dryer is one in a million.

Elchim hair dryers

Elchim Hair Dryers

Elchim hair dryers are known for their long-lasting performance. One of the best is the DaVinci 5000 Elchim Hair Dryer. It will last over 2000 hours! Here are some other benefits of the DaVinci 5000 Elchim Hair Dryer: uses nano-technology to boost hair styles, cuts drying time in half, has a low EMF, instant-cold-air switch, safety thermostat, electronically balanced motor, and a cleaning control system. It also has a nozzle for precise drying and heavy-duty cord. This Elchim hair dryer is made in Italy and comes with a one year warranty.

T3 hair dryers

T3 Hair Dryers

One of the best T3 hair dryers is the T3 Pro Dryer . Like other T3 hair dryers, it has the patented Tourmaline technology. We can't tell you its secret, but it reduces drying time in half, with no damage to your hair. This T3 hair dryer is light weight, has two speed settings, three heat settings and a cool-down button. It has an 1800 watt motor and a long 10 foot cord. Of course, it has a concentrator nozzle and other attachments too. This T3 hair dryer comes with a two year warranty.

While these three professional hair dryers are some of the best on the market, there are many more models available. Whether you choose CHI hair dryers, Elchim hair dryers, or T3 hair dryers, you'll be sure to have a professional hair dryer that will make you look your best.

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