Time Out Pad Review

11:02 PM Posted by Erin

No parent enjoys disciplining their child, but we all know in order to set boundaries of acceptable behavior we have to be firm and consistent. My daughter, the angel that she is, still needs her occasional time outs when she misbehaves. Since she's a very strong willed child, the hardest part is getting her to actually accept her punishment and sit there for the time she needs to think about her actions. I do imagine those few minutes at her age is like an eternity. I've been looking for a way to help her understand more about actions and consequences and was happy to try the Time Out Pad we received from Keen Distribution.

A cleverly crafted soft pressure pad alerts kiddo that time out is not over yet if they should get up too soon. In conjunction with the light system that helps young kids understand as time reaches end. The directions for using the Time Out Pad couldn't have been simpler when we followed the Five Easy Steps for a successful time out. To test the Time Out Pad properly we waited until my daughter was having a really off day. After two warnings, I sat her down on a chair with the pad under her. Since she is three, I set the adjustable dial to the coordinating time in minutes as is recommended in their helpful instruction booklet. She did fight it at first but like all discipline, the key is in consistency. Every time she got off, I replaced her on the Time Out Pad until she got tired of the sounding alarm and stayed on. Once the time had ended the red light turned green and after apologizing, we hugged and went about our day. We've used our pad a few times since then, mostly with good results as my daughter is growing to understand what her consequences are when we enforce the Time Out Pad.

Perfect for ages 2-5, the Time Out Pad can be purchased online at Keen Distribution's informative website for $34.99 or located at your local retailer.


  1. Shana said...

    Very cool product. I have a strong willed child too and boy I am sure timeouts will become a fairly normal thing in our future.

  2. LoveMy2Dogs said...

    I so want one of these but I am too cheap to buy one.