Silly Billyz Bibs Review

10:31 AM Posted by Erin

You probably know Bobux for their adorably soft leather soled shoes, but did you know they're also the exclusive US distributor of the popular New Zealand bib Silly Billyz? We recently received their Fuchsia Fleece Pocket Bib to review. I was pleased with the soft non-piling fleece front and how comfortable it felt again my niece's neck with two high quality snaps that adjust for ease of wear. The coordinating nylon fabric that backs this bib is PVC free and completely waterproof so you won't worry about kiddo's clothing getting wet underneath. We found these bibs which fit little ones sized 3 months- 3 years to really hold up to the strained carrot test especially with the pocket to catch any wayward spills. Once we completely got it babyfied, we threw it in the wash and left it to air dry (although they can also be tumble dried). It washed totally clean and the fleece looked as good as new. My sister now has her eye on the Towel Pocket Bib featuring an elastic snuggle neck to keep food from falling through the neckline and the long sleeve Silly Billyz Messy Eater Bib which will be perfect for those future spaghetti meals. Retailing for under $6 to just over $13 makes these bibs completely affordable and practical for everyday use. They're perfect for your diaper bag, grandmas house, daycare... wherever kiddo eats.