Livie & Luca Review *DISCOUNT CODE*

11:01 PM Posted by Erin

Searching for the perfect pair of shoes for kiddo? Want to marry style with ultimate comfort and wearability? Look no further than the super adorable and sweet Livie & Luca shoes! Created by three moms who realized there was a need for modern and funky shoes for babies and toddlers that were also lightweight, soft, super flexible and affordable. Realizing they'd only find these shoes if they created the company themselves led to a year of research that included many sleepless nights, lots of support from our husbands and plenty of inspiration from the adventurous lives we share with our children. Finally, in May 2005 Livie & Luca was born and take it from us there was no epidural involved!

Not only are Livie & Luca shoes absolutely the cutest ever, they're also some of the most original I've come across in a long while. When given the opportunity to review these sweet shoes, I fell in love with several pairs. I especially had my eye on the precious bird themed Pio Pio and would have loved to have seen them on my daughter in Robins Egg Blue. But as she's getting older, I sat her in front of the computer to choose her own Livie & Luca shoes and she firmly stated Lime Elephants were her one true love. Try as I might to convince her the Pio Pio's were the way to go, she never wavered. Oh...kay. So we requested them and once they arrived packaged in their handy (and eco friendly) cloth duster bag, I realized I really need to learn to trust this kid's taste a whole lot more. Soft, high quality brown and green leather and handcrafted style made these the perfect attention getting, compliment attracting shoes. With their supple uppers, padded collar, and comfortably padded insoles, my daughter reports these shoes "very cool". Funky and Fresh is the best way I'd describe our new Livie & Luca's and highly addictive to this shoe collector as well. See all of their rocking cute shoes including their adorable boys styles like Emilio in lime with cream accents and their stylish Paulo's, which almost look comfortable enough to sleep in. Retailing for an affordable $44 in sizes 4-12, you'll want several pairs for your own kiddo. Find Livie & Luca at a store near you or hurry up and head on over to their website where Spring/Summer styles are currently half off July 13-21st when you use the code SUMMER50! Afterwards receive 10% off with the exclusive code thismomcanshop10.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The sizing for the Livie and Luca shoes seems a bit different. What size shoe does your daughter normally wear and what size shoe did you order from them?


  2. Erin said...

    Thanks for asking. My daughter usually takes a size 10 and that was the size we reviewed as well. I found the Livie and Lucas fit pretty close to size if not a smidge smaller than other size 10's we've owned. Hope this helps!

  3. Kim said...

    We just got a pair from the Mini Social ($25) and we love them! They seem to run small - my son is wearing size 6 and most other shoes are big on him, but these fit perfectly. They also have a nice square toebox which is good for him.