Free Ecards: Care to Share

10:49 AM Posted by Erin

It's been a rough week. The kids are making you crazy and your husband's being a butthead. You're about to lose your mind. Then you check your email and this is what you find: a sweet little pick-me-up sent from Got Free E-Cards to remind you why you fell in love with that guy in the first place. Or maybe your hubby is perfect and never needs to send a makeup card(if he is, can you please give him my husband's number so he can give him some tips) it's still nice to know he's thinking of you.
Now it's your best friends birthday and you've completely spaced. You still want her to know you're thinking of her, why not find the perfect free Birthday E-card that says, You're day is important to me. She'll be so happy to know you cared.
What if you're not into emailing cards? Got Free Cards also has a wide variety of printable cards that are wonderful for when co-workers are having a bad day. I work with nurses, so the happy little nurse bear would be perfect to cheer up one of the ladies.
Best of all, there is no registration or downloads needed to create a special sentiment from Got Free E-Cards. Just find your perfect free E-card and personalize it for someone you care about. Your friends will thank you!
I am participating in “Jump Start Your Blog Contest” sponsored by Got Free E-Cards and Momdot.