Rileyroos Review

10:24 PM Posted by Erin

Comfortable, flexible shoes are a must when it comes to supporting a growing baby's feet. But of course we also want our little ones to wear stylish looking kicks as well. This is why Rileyroos make for the best first walking shoes. They are able to combine these very important factors into soft, designer shoes. Why are Rileyroos so different you may ask?

"Rileyroos design inspiration comes from a combination of European fashion trends and American spirit and casualness. We designed the line to imitate barefoot walking and to protect little feet. The sole of a Rileyroos shoe is flexible and its rubber-padded sole curls above the toes to provide leverage as a child begins crawling. Unlike many heavy or bulky first walking shoes, Rileyroos’ lightweight construction and Protective bottoms support a child’s foot as he or she starts walking and provides traction to prevent falls on slippery surfaces."

We recently received the Brookie style in Aqua for my niece to review and they were the hit. She's at an age where she is beginning to walk and run and her mom has been searching everywhere for shoes that won't slow her down but still look hip. When I came across Rileyroos, I just knew we had to try them. Light and flexible are the name of the game here with the ease of velcro closures and slip-on styling. Her shoes came in high quality aqua and lime leather with a padded collar and soft rubber sole for extra comfort. My niece loved her adorable new shoes almost as much as her mom did. Rileyroos are available in several hot styles for both boys and girls in sizes 3-24 months and retail for about $30. Find them online at or your local retailer.