Vincent Shoes - The coolest kicks!

6:28 PM Posted by Erin

This Mom has bought a lot of cute shoes for my girl in her short three years, but it's been a while since I've come across any cooler than Vincent Shoes. Originating in Sweden and created by an uncle and his partner for his nephew Vincent, these shoes are completely awesome for kiddie feet. We were thrilled to receive the Maja in blue to review and of course they totally rock! Seriously, don't let the sweet butterflies fool you. Not only are they adorable and stylish but these kicks are some of the most rugged and durable I've seen. Honestly, if ever there was a mountain in Florida, these would be the shoes to climb it in. Most of Vincent's Shoes come with a protective rubber tip and all leather uppers, which means they'll last and last no matter what adventure your child embarks on.

Vincent recently came out with their new Spring/Summer line and there is a pair of shoes for every child imaginable; sneakers, sandals, Mary Janes, and rain boots are all available sporting their signature European flair. I am definitely coming back for more of these hip shoes. You can get your very own pair for 20% off any full priced shoe within the next 7 days by using the code TMCS-20. Trust me, with shoes this cool you may need a few pairs!