Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Mug

12:32 PM Posted by Erin

All sippy cups out there promise to be spillproof but what about leak proof? Many a time we've found pools of liquid in my daughters bed, carseat, and dribbles down her shirt. So what about a cup that lives up to its promises? Finally there is one. Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Mug uses the same patented technology found in their popular adult mug but features energetic colors made especially for kids ages 4-12. The mug operates on a push button that reseals after each sip, so it may be too difficult for a younger toddler to comprehend but my three year old loves hers. AUTOSEAL is available on their website, Target, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles for
$15.99 for a 2-pack and $9.99 for a single mug.