Bobux Shoes

9:57 PM Posted by Erin

If you are anything like me, you loved soft soled shoes for your just learning to walk baby. We were huge fans of them when Rachel began toddling around and were sad that she outgrew them so fast. That’s why we were so thrilled with our new pair of Bobux I-Walk shoes.

Bobux originated in New Zealand as the very first makers of soft soled leather shoes that have become so popular. Designed by an architect and his wife for their daughter, who just knew there had to be a better way to fit baby's feet, their Bobux Originals are made of buttery soft Eco-Leather and suede leather bottoms. They come in so many cute colors, designs, and sizes. Even fitting toddlers up to size 5XL. Recently, they’ve begun making I-Walk Juniors and I-Walk for babies and toddlers from size 1-8 that need more outdoor protection for their feet, but still crave the flexibilty that Bobux offers.

We received the I-Walk Sportshoe in Silver and they are so sweet! What I like best about these cute shoes is how lightweight and flexible they are. These are actually the lightest shoes I’ve seen so far. They are ultra comfy and super stylish. I-Walk’s uppers are made of premium leather with natural rubber soles. The pair we have slips on easily and close with two Velcro straps that my daughter can fasten herself. We are thrilled with Rachel’s new shoes, my only question would be is when will there be an I-Run? My daughter is at the tail end of their current fit system. I like this brand so much; I hope they have plans to expand their size options. Thanks to Bobux for allowing me to try out your awesome shoes! You can try them too with their generous 15% discount when you enter code BLG0815 at checkout, plus free shipping on orders over $55. Head on over to their site and take a look for yourself.