Girlfriends by Anita G at Costco

5:40 PM Posted by Erin


We love Costco in this house. I mean, where else can you find a 3 gallon can of corn and also get cute clothes for your toddler? On a recent trip there, I found some adorable Baby Lulu 2-piece dresses with leggings combos. Rachel got two since they were only $18.99 a piece. On todays trip we found a sweet little brand I've never tried before, sold in boutiques and stores like Neiman Marcus, is Girlfriends by Anita G. The outfits are precious if you like simple dressing like tunics with leggings and easy to wear 2-piece outfits. The outfit I chose for Rach was an adorable mix of chocolates, greens, and light blues in a comfortable cotton which will still be great for her in the hot Florida weather. The price is nothing to sneeze at either, $13.99 for the two pieces. And who doesn't like to find a bah-gain in this economy? Plus Anita G gives back in the form of several children's charities. We love that.


  1. The Mom said...

    Crazy, we went to Costco today too and I saw those sets, I love the teal/brown tunics with the striped brown pants!! ADORABLE, great review!

  2. Anonymous said...

    yup , i'm not surprised to see that I picked out the same outfit 4 Zoe @ Costco 'bout a week ago. Very cute , huh with the leggins. We got great taste ! I enjoyed reading your blog........keep up the good work .

  3. Ann Again... and again said...

    These are so cute! And at Costco?!? Yeah!
    I'm glad I found you at Mom Bloggers Club.
    I'm holding my Friday night Virtual Girls Night Out. If you would like to come over and join us that would be great.
    Ann Again... and again